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Ivy Spring Labradors is a small, family run Labrador Retriever kennel located in York County, PA. It is one hour south of Harrisburg, PA and one hour north of Baltimore, MD.

The Labradors of Ivy Spring live on 89 acres of rolling Pennsylvania farmland with their caretakers, Ken Adams and Gail Cayce-Adams and their four children.

We are a Pennsylvania state licensed kennel.

How it all Began:

I've always loved Labradors from as far back as I can remember. My Aunt and Uncle always had a Labrador while I was growing up, and I think that is where my interest in them first developed. They were always so beautiful and kind. I never lived anywhere that I felt I could keep a Labrador and give them the exercise that they need, until I found my dream farm. I have always had horses and have had to board them on other people's farms, but it was always a dream of mine to one day own a farm of my own. One day, it finally happened. My husband and I found the place where we wanted to spend the rest of our lives. It just so happened that a week prior to finding our dream place, my Aunt had a litter of the cutest black and chocolate Labrador puppies you would ever want to see. I took a chance that all of the loan procedures would work out, and I told my Aunt that I wanted one of those puppies. We settled on the farm two months later, and I went straight from the settlement table to my Aunt's house and picked up my puppy. From that time on, there have always been Labradors walking alongside us at "Ivy Spring Farm".

My Labradors and I enjoy showing in the conformation ring, so look for us at the local shows. I am a member of the National Labrador Retriever Club and the Harrisburg Kennel Club.

I began breeding my Labradors in 1999. I have enjoyed this very much and I am completely addicted to pedigree research and the quest to constantly improve upon my bloodlines. When you buy an Ivy Spring puppy, you are buying a puppy from people who have truly loved and nurtured that puppy for its first weeks of life. We spend endless hours playing with the puppies and getting them well socialized so that they will make wonderful additions to your family. We breed only a few litters a year, and we put a lot of time and energy into the planning and caring for the puppies. All dogs used for breeding have current eye, hip and elbow clearances, and we are now also starting to screen for Progressive Retinal Atrophy by having our dogs Optigen tested so we can help stop our breed from suffering with this condition. We also offer you a lifetime of advice, and a written 26 month guarantee against genetic defects for any puppy that carries "Ivy Spring" in their AKC registered name. We truly love the puppies that we produce, and we will be more than happy to take back any dog that you purchased from us if you can no longer keep it. Sometimes we might keep these dogs ourselves, and sometimes we might find it another loving home, but we don't ever want any dogs of our breeding to wind up in a shelter.

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